Jay Z’s New Business Venture Is LIT Literally!

The music mogul, executive producing, Grammy award winning MC and entrepreneur is adding something new to his lengthy resume and it’s marijuana. On Saturday CNN reported that Mr. Carter launched a ‘cannabis line” called “Monogram.” Potential customers are able to visit the site to get a spot in line. The business partnering with the mogul is titled “Caliva” a company that Jay Z has been CEO of since 2019.

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Jay Z’s cannabis line is categorized as a luxury brand and is set to launch first in California one of it’s staple products is the “OG Handroll” which is a 1.5 gram professionally rolled joint. Michael Auerbach, (Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp.) spoke on his venture with Jay Z.

“He’s a real executive, he’s not some ancillary ambassador who says something nice about us once a year. He’s the tip of our spear who’s building out our house of brands, like he has done with Aces of Spades and D’Usse.”

With all this legal drug dealing is it time to call him Dr. Carter?


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