These States Voted To Decriminalize “Hard Drugs”

As reported by “The Washington Post” at least four states voted to legalize drugs on Nov. 3. In an effort to “change drug laws” and over policing the states of Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota all decriminalized marijuana while Oregon gave a ballot nod for psychedelic mushroom, cocaine and heroin use as well. Oregon also includes “The District of Columbia” and has expressed their desire to “drastically narrow drug arrests? Does this action positively affect the pharmaceutical industry by creating more addicts than inmates? Was this move to benefit disenfranchised demographics? Will these measures medically monetize what many times are legitimate emotional, family or social concerns of individuals who are oppressed due to systematic disparities and thus forth statistically more likely to use substances. Will labeling drug users as “sick” send them from the jail house to the psych ward?


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