7 Signs Your Relationship is Toxic

While every relationship has it’s challenges are you seeking a second opinion on whether yours is healthy or not? See if you notice any of these signs consistently that below:

1. Resentment- Not forgiving or holding on to grudges which builds over time if left unchecked.

2. Lying- If you or your partner are currently feeling the need to be dishonest it may be a sign that you can not be your true self and your relationship is built on false pretenses.

3. Repeated Disrespect- Forgetting landmarks in the relationship, crossing boundaries or having them crossed where lines have already been drawn, habitually late to important events, general lack of care.

4. Irresponsible with Money- Is your partner buying costly items without your input are they constantly looking for you to pick up the slack for their cash mismanagement.

5. Nonstop Stress- Finding yourself constantly tense in a relationship is a direct red flag that something is abnormal between a couple and can effect your physical, emotional or mental health.

6. Ignoring your needs- A great relationship is built upon both individuals being fulfilled or happy. It is a balance of power not a slave and master scenario. Both people should feel heard and loved. Someone who ignores your wishes or comfort levels yet requires you to go along with their plans is a definite sign of abuse of power and if not corrected would certainly lead to a toxic relationship.

7. Lack of Self Care- Are you withdrawing from things you like such as hobbies you once loved or neglecting your health or self care because you can’t find free time? Well you may need to do a double take at your relationship. Healthy partnerships ensure that no one is left behind. A loving partner is only going to be silent while you neglect yourself so long then they would care to give you that time or support to do so because they should want the best for you. If this is happening it may be time for you to reevaluate your priorities and have a serious talk between both parties.

Is the relationship salvageable?

If both parties are willing to invest and both show an attitude of openness/forgiveness and care accepting their own responsibilities or are on board with seeking outside mentorship or help then transforming a toxic relationship to a healthy one is possible just like changing a bad diet to a wholesome one however both individuals have to be willing to do the work separately and collectively.


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