United Nations Blast U.S. for Police Brutality, Racism at Review

Source: AP

The Human Rights Councils “examination” of the United States starting May 2015 stockpiled into a firm rebuke from “major” world powers namely the United Nations which includes U.S. alliances on Monday. Double digit delegation members took to the floor during a half session to “voice concerns” about the death penalty, separation of immigrant children from their families and police violence against African Americans. “The American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) director Jamil Dakwar said “what we saw today was unsurprising condemnation by many countries around the world of the United States”. We’ve heard country after country…calling and urging the United States to take serious measures to address structural racism and police violence. Russia and China summons the U.S. to “root out racism and police violence”. Do you think these major world leaders applying pressure can affect change in the U.S.? Or can you not teach an old dog new tricks?


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