Atatiana Jefferson’s Father Sues Ex Officer For Fatal Shooting

The family of Atatiana Jefferson are determined to get justice which is multidimensional & thus forth achieved through various forms and the Father of Jefferson has now filed a lawsuit against the shooting officer seeking such.

Atatiana Jefferson was killed on October 12, 2019 when a Fort Worth police officer named Aaron Dean fatally shot through the window of her home. Jefferson was in her abode “playing video games” with a loved one when she was innocently murdered. The complaint filed states “the course and scope of employment caused the untimely death of Atatiana Carr a/k/a Atatiana Jefferson”. It alleges that the city/officer “failed” to provide “urgently needed medical care” to Atatiana. The trigger happy officer resigned and was eventually indicted but according to family now needs to pay. If you get fined for speeding do you think a mandatory minimum 6 figure fine should be applied when police officers kill black people/civilians?


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