ABC Nightline’s Breonna Taylor Special

ABC’s “Nightline” aired on late Friday evening and was devoted to Breonna Taylor. It shared the young lady’s legacy of love to all who knew her. In addition to detailing the horrific way she died and confirming the many fallacies that surround the handling of her case. The special included close loved ones who spoke about Breonna’s joyful spirt describing her as “the star of the show” always uplifting her family. Her mother Tamika Palmer stated that her daughter is now a “symbol for justice” a sentiment that was rightfully echoed throughout the segment. Heart wrenching footage was shown that captured Taylor’s significant other Kenneth Walker moments after the fatal shooting despondent and sobbing for his partner “not to be dead”. Those pleas came after police fired “32” shots into the couples Louisville apartment on March 13, 2020 after abruptly entering without warning according to Walker. An alleged negligent action that frightened Walker and mimicked a home invasion therefore causing the boyfriend to act in self defense. Walker also stated that Breonna’s last word was a scream after being shot and killed by police bullets. Several jury members appeared anonymous for the special confirming the speculation that no murder charges were ever presented by the state of Kentucky’s Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. An inaction during the trial that has called his humanity, competence and rectitude into question. SAY HER NAME!


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