Black Twitter is not “Canceling” Black People Bots Are!!

On Saturday morning the New York Times released and article about artificial intelligence and how it has saturated everything on line from billions of fake social media profiles to digital daters and faulty Amazon reviewers.

These profiles according to the Times look “stunningly real at first glance” but “do not exist”. The fraudulent individuals are all computer generated and apparently selling “fake people” is now BIG business and growing. These people are “simulated” and are being used to directly imitate people for whatever the intent or current agenda is. Many times these faces are spies who with an attempt to “infiltrate” a certain community even the “intelligence” one. They are parading around harassing and trolling unknowing targets. Are bots being used as propaganda tools to further division in the black community? Does the new fight for Black Americans include recognizing the digital one. Have you heard the saying believe half of what you see and none of what you’ve heard?


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