IN. Police Off. Who Killed Rashad Cunningham Won’t Face Charges

Gary, Indiana is the hometown of the late pop icon Michael Jackson and it’s former mayor Richard Hatcher was one of the first Black mayors to govern a city of more than 100,000 people in America at the time.

While the city itself is democratic and predominately comprised of Black (79.84%) and minority people systemic barriers in the criminal justice system throughout the country are also mirrored in this small rust belt town. Consequently the Gary police officer who killed Rashad Cunningham, a 25 year old Black man in August of 2019 will not face any criminal charges. Officer Isiah Price shot Cunningham after approaching the man sitting in his vehicle in front of his own home. Price later alleged that the deceased pointed a gun at him. Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter said he made the decision to reject legal action against the officer after an “extensive review of the evidence. Are U.S. police trying to make killing civilians legal?


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