Ex NFL Player Is Releasing Childrens Book For “Modern Black Dads”

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Former Washington Redskins linebacker Marcus Smith II has decided to pen a children’s book geared towards the “modern black dads” &”the little brown girls” of the world.” In an interview with “Access” Smith stated that he wants to “put on for the Black fathers to let us know that we are here and for the little young girls out there” there are fathers out there that are trying to become the best fathers they can possibly be.” The new book is set to be titled “Bathtime with Rai” and is an ode to his 2 year old daughter Sarai and set to lovably detail the bonding and “exchanges of love” that take place during their favorite night time routines. “Bathtime with Rai” is available for purchase on Dec. 2. Isn’t this a perfect way to touch down for his community?


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