Netflix Nixes “Chappelle” Show At Dave’s Request

The “Chappelle Show” has respectfully come to it’s streaming end on Netflix at the veteran comedian’s request.

Source: Evelyn Hockstein/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Dave Chappelle has previously revealed that the original rights holder namely ViacomCBS licensed it without his involvement or permission. Chappelle detailed his call to the media giant revealing in his “Saturday Night Live” monologue that “I called them and told them that this makes me feel bad. And you want to know what they did? They agreed that they would take it off their platform just so I could feel better.” Netflix’s action was honorable because Chappelle does not own the legal rights to demand such. He sited streaming the “Chappelle Show” as “fencing stolen goods” referencing his claim of “never” getting paid by the sitcom due to a predatory contract. Are you about to “Netflix and chill?”


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