As Pandemic Famines Arise Celebrities Kick in With Food Giveaways

In the absence of a second stimulus package passed many Americans have found themselves struggling to make ends meet. A scarce reality that subsequently arose from the Covid-19 pandemic causing businesses all over the nation to shutter and thus forth skyrocketing unemployment. Retailers that remained open had drastic drops in revenue due to most Americans prioritizing essential items in the midst of uncertainty. The economic instability rightfully caused many to opt out of dining or other usual indulgences. For the select few that were able to keep their gigs a lack of daycares and new virtual learning children forced those individuals home while others were caring for elderly loved ones. While the nation has seemed some of it’s most grim times this past year we’ve also seen an overwhelming amount of chivalry with Americans coming together to help those in need. With celebrities being no exemption to that notion. These are a few of the latest honorable mentions.

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