Ice Cube’s Back Hot On Social Media & Still Pushing Black Agenda

O’Shea Jackson professionally known as Ice Cube made his strong return to Twitter on Monday reiterating his “push” for Black people to be rightfully acknowledged despite the political regime that is in power.

Earlier this fall Ice Cube made it known that his advocacy for Black people went beyond red or blue party lines by attempting to communicate with the Trump administration about key economic issues etc. that pertained to advancing the community. The bipartisan action sparked electrocuting criticism against Jackson but proved unsuccessful in stopping his activism for his people. Earlier this week Ice Cube gave an update on social media about his brief departure saying “we focused on one party way to long” and that he is modifying the “contract” for “Black America” in order to include pivotal details that were previously missed in a heartfelt push to “make things better.” Do you think reparations need to come “STRAIGHT OUTTA” the government?


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