Prolific Blk Economist Walter Williams dead at 84

Walter Williams a nationally recognized prolific economics professor has passed away at 84. The scholar and social justice icon taught at the George Mason University in Virginia for over 40 years. Teaching his last class a day before his death on Wednesday as reported by “Donald J. Bourdreaux” at the Wall Street Journal. His fellow faculty of over 40 years went on to say that “Dr. Williams’ body of work was remarkable, prolific and without question, controversial.” They described his primary concentration by saying “his principal scholarly research was devoted to studying the effects on minority groups of markets as well as government policies, an important and complicated area of study.” Mr. Williams was raised in a housing project in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a cab driver prior to beginning college where he would press on to eventually earn his doctorate from UCLA as reported by the “Journal.” Walter Williams has written over ten books including 1982’s “The State Against Blacks.” Swift grief spread across social media following the news of his expiration with Senator Ted Cruz sending condolences to his family. Walter Williams left a well respected legacy as a commentator, columnist, thought provoker and overall change maker.


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