100 Million Americans Expected To Be Vaccinated By March

Despite members of the medical community wondering if the government will run into a shortage of supplies the initial dosages of the Pfizer vaccine is on schedule to start distribution this week. Dr. Moncef Slaoui the “chief medical adviser for Operation Warp Speed” told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that multiple covid-19 doses are in development which will enable the government to meet it’s “target” of vaccinating more than 100 million people by the end of March. Saying “Our plan from day one has been to have a portfolio of products, Pfizer is one of them. Moderna, which is likely to be approved by Friday, probably this coming week, is able to produce 100 million doses in the first quarter, and we just announced on Friday that we’ve committed to acquire another 100 million doses, which will be delivered in the second quarter of 2021.” While touting the antidote as a “remarkable” scientific “achievement.”


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