Former Nickelodeon Star Kel Mitchell Speaks On The Importance Of Faith

Kel Mitchell recently sat down with Leonardo Blair at CP to discuss how he “wrestled” with his faith during his childhood roles on Nickelodeon. Mitchell detailed the importance of spirituality and how he sensed a “call” on his life to become a pastor but was worried about the impact it would have on his secular career. He described that period saying “There was a time where I felt like how will it be accepted? You know? How can I do this? I even searched around like Lord, send me people that have done this and I had no other actor or someone in the entertainment business that I could turn to that I knew was a youth pastor but also currently on television. So I was trying to figure that out.” He also spoke on challenging times saying “Throughout my life I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs you know. The journey of adulting.” He went on to say “This is spiritual warfare that’s going on. We have to realize that we’re all spirits. We have to look through the whole skin and anything titles and all that stuff-and just really pull everything back and be transparent about it and understand that we’re all spiritual. And the thing about it is that we need to respond like our Lord and Savior. If we focus on that that’s when real change will happen.” The actor also credited his wife Asia Lee whom he shares two children with for supporting his faith filled transition which resulted in him receiving his ministers license to ultimately become a pastor who works with the youth. Are you happy he was able to overcome?

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