Remy Ma & Papooses “Golden Child” Turns 2

Grammy nominated rapper Remy Ma grieving a previous pregnancy loss. Source VH1 LHHNY
Source: Instagram

Rapper Remy Ma and her husband Papoose experienced a tragic loss in 2017 after their ectopic pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. The couple bravely shared the delicate moments via VH1 revealing that miscarriage statistics are uninterrupted by fame and fortune pales in the presence of poignant grief. Research shows that recognized pregnancies end uninitiated 10-15% of the time, while numbers span upwards of 30% for women who weren’t aware they were with child. Papoose stated during an interview with “The Real” that receiving the news of the miscarriage was “the saddest day of his life.” Remy Ma later detailed their reason for allowing the loss to be public saying “This was a hard time for me & my husband & we thought long and hard before deciding to share this part of our lives with you all. I was totally against it but in a fit of crying Papoose said “you are not the only one going thru this, we will get thru it” made me realize how many women like myself experience the same thing and don’t have a strong partner by their side to say it will be alright. So I’m here to tell anyone going thru a similar situation that it is not over and God has the last say so.” The encouragement from the entertainers did not stop their but physically manifested into tangible hope with the birth of the stars rainbow baby (a child born to a family who lost one prior) and namesake Reminisce who just turned 2. Isn’t she lovely?


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