Pandemic Pounds: Study Suggest over 51% of Americans Gained Wait During Quarantine

A recent study suggest that approximately 51% of Americans packed on quarantine pounds during the coronavirus pandemic. It also revealed that weight loss wasn’t a chief concern of those participants and weighed equally with missing family for the holidays. The survey was lead online by a “biotechnology firm” (Gelesis) between Oct. 26 and Nov 3 and showed that 71% of the examined said their self esteem was affected by the extra weight but they were delaying shedding it until the new year. According to the study “17%” would temporarily trade their social media accounts for a smaller frame. Gelesis “chief scientific officer,” Elaine Chiquette said “While our survey has found Americans have been motivated to develop healthier habits amidst the pandemic, it has brought to light how many Americans who want to lose weight continue to struggle.” Chiquette went on to say “In a year when we’ve already given up so much, our data shows that people would give up even more if it meant being able to lose weight by the end of the year and they remain hopeful about losing weight and feeling healthy in 2021” as reported by Fox.


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