Nicki Minaj Reveals Sweet Photos of her Son “Papa Bear”

Nicki Minaj chose the Sabbath to share full pictures of her 3 month old son she lovingly calls “papa bear.” His name has yet to be revealed but if a picture says a thousand words we can think of a few like, adorable, gorgeous and cute as pie. The rap queen gave birth to her precious little one on September 30, during a global pandemic and has been in full mommy mode nanny free according to recent tweets.

Minaj had only shared a few glimpses of the child since giving birth in the Fall. One of the pictures showed his tiny foot while celebrating her anniversary with her husband and childhood sweetheart Kenneth Petty.

The rap icon has been quite transparent with fans lately, including releasing never before seen pregnancy pictures and videos that detailed sunshine yellow hair and skin glowing just as bright.

Source: Instagram

She also showed some major baby gear off that was Fendi stamped and high fashion approved.

Source: Instagram

The proud mommy also decided to encourage other mothers calling them “super heroes” while speaking on her labor/delivery story and breastfeeding experiences. But most precious of all was the special message she penned to her first born that read “#PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama.”

Source: Instagram

Are you looking forward to her HBO Max documentary?


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