Snoop Appears Unfazed By Recent Eminem Mention

The Dogg himself has responded after being mentioned on Eminem’s new song titled “Zeus” which is a reaction to Snoop recently divulging that he could “live without” the Detroit natives catalog. The “Slim Shady” rapper detailed his reason for the lyrics earlier this week while speaking with “The Breakfast Club” saying ” I think it was more of the tone he was using that caught me off guard, cause I’m like where is this coming from? I just saw you. What the f**k? It threw me for a loop calling Snoops “Marshall Mathers” snub “disrespectful.”

“As far as squashing beef I’m used to people knocking me/But just not in my camp, And diplomatic as I’m trying to be/Last thing I need is Snoop Doggin me/ Man, Dogg, you was like a damn God to me/Meh, not really (haha) I had dog backwards.”

Snoop chose to react to the lyrics on a Eminem fan page calling the metaphors “soft” at best while directing Eminem to “pray” he doesn’t respond. Is Snoop entitled to his opinion despite their former affiliations? Are you hoping diss records get put on pause for Black History month?


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