Pot & Kettle: Ex Executing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticizes Trump Calls for “Unity”

Hollywood entertainer and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for “unity” following the Capitol Hill siege. The “Predator” actor and former pro death penalty Governor said “We need to heal, together, from the drama of what has just happened. We need to heal, not as Republicans or as Democrats, but as Americans.”

He also described Donald Trump as “a failed leader” that will be charted in “history as the worst President ever.” Before going on to wish Joe Biden a “great” successful tenure saying “President electBiden, we stand with you today, tomorrow and forever in defense of our democracy and those who would threaten it.”

Stanley Williams (2005) is picture sitting in a San Quentin prison prior to being executed by lethal injection after repeated appeals for clemency and a plead for a four week stay were both rejected by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Stanley Tookie Williams was a reformed (Crips) gang member that spent 25 years in prison before being executed under Schwarzenegger’s governorship 13 days before his 52nd birthday. Williams had transformed his life and was a writer and activist who would go on to be nominated for five Nobel Peace Prizes for literature.

Does the “Terminator” need a standing ovation and a mirror?


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