Winnie Harlow Is Spotted Showing Puppy Love

If you knew anything about Winnie Harlow then it would be that she’s as fierce as they come and an avid dog lover. The Canadian model skyrocketed to fame after her stint on America’s Top Model and hasn’t slowed down since. She is a powerful activist and advocate for the auto immune disease vitiligo (a condition that results in skin depigmentation). Harlow hasn’t let her own diagnoses of the disorder constrict her international supermodel status. She has sashayed for the Spanish clothing line Desigual walked countless times at London Fashion Week. As well as but not limited to working for the Italian clothing brand Diesel, Glamour Magazine and Vogue. When asked what was some of her most surprising opportunities by “The Daily Front Row” in 2020 the show stopper/humble beast didn’t mince words.

Source: Vogue Greece-Vasilis Kekatos

“Being in Beyonce’s new music video, or Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s music video. Stuff like that, I would’ve never been like, ‘Oh yeah, one day I want to do a music video with Calvin Harris and Sam Smith, because that’s kind of far fetched. I was like, ‘Okay, you know what? God has created a plan for me and I can’t really write the story, It’s already written. So my job is just to put the work and the grind into the opportunities I take.”

Source: Instagram

The fashion model. role model and activist remains in demand but hasn’t let that stop her from displaying her puppy love on the gram. Making time to playfully post up with her pet pooch.

Source: Instagram


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