NBA Youngboy’s Youngest Child Is His Namesake

Yaya Mayweather became a first time mom earlier this month when she gave birth to NBA Youngboy’s child. The young lady and seasoned Dad has not shown their baby’s face but the name has been revealed via NBA Youngboy’s mother. During a Clubhouse discussion the paternal grandmother (Sherhonda Gaulden) divulged that her new grandson shares the same name as her son, Kentrell Jr.. She also said that Yaya contacted her in regards to visitation with the child.

NBA Youngboy’s mother Sherhonda Gaulden.-Source Twitter

While the new sweethearts parents have been keeping a low profile the mother Iyanna Mayweather has taken time to promote her YouTube channel which is set to tell her “story.

No complications were reported during Iyanna’s pregnancy or delivery. Her Father (undefeated champion boxer) Floyd Mayweather seems to have solidified himself as a full support to his daughter and grandbaby. We’re wishing this entire Black American family nothing but the best.

Iyanna Mayweather, center featured with her father, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and mother Melissia Brim after completing high school as an over achiever at the age of 15. Source: Instagram
Source: Getty Images-BET


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