Black Marine Veteran Chosen as Super Bowl LV’s Honorary Captain

Source: NFL- Instagram

The NFL has chosen a Marine Corps veteran namely James Martin as one of their honorary captain’s for the upcoming Super Bowl. Martin served in Iraq as well as Afghanistan between the years of 2000 until a paralyzing injury in 2015. He will be one of three members to take part in the coin toss.

The service member expressed excitement about the opportunity to Fox News stating “I’m absolutely astonished, humbled and surprised.Martin is a married father of 8 who’s been assisting veterans stay connected during a socially distanced pandemic.

“I worked with Wounded Warrior Project. We opened up a Discord. It was meant to virtually connect veterans together during the pandemic Martin said “We knew there was a large population of our veterans that we served that played video games, and this was one of the ways we could not only connect with with them but to still be able to provide services and do programs.”

Source: James Martin

He also livestreamed school sporting events for veterans to view online, in an effort to help those that served and the children who were playing in person games without an audience.

“I wasn’t really sure if I knew how to do it in the first place, but I agreed to it because it needed to be done. It was something that those kids needed and they deserved it. Why not showcase their talents whenever the rest of the crowd couldn’t be their.”

Source: Instagram

Martin has puts his “heart of hearts” on a Chief’s victory and will stand beside educator Trimaine Davis & nurse manager Suzie Dorner for Sunday’s traditional coin toss.

Super Bowl LV’s honorary captains L to R-James Martin, Trimaine Davis & Suzie Dorner-Source: CBS

The NFL described their notable selections saying “During this incredibly challenging time in our lives, Trimaine, Suzie and James have exemplified the essence of leadership, each in their own way.” Roger Goodell (the NFL’s commissioner) said “We are grateful for their commitment and proud to share their stories and recognize them during this special moment on Super Bowl Sunday.”


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