Reginae Carter Has A Powerful Word for Naysayers

Source: Instagram

Reginae Carter has been no stranger to the limelight. Her father Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) is a famous rapper and well rounded entrepreneur while her mother Toya Johnson is a NY Times best selling author. She is the first born of the formerly married couple & has positively navigated stardom in contrast to some of her young white counterparts. Carter is frequently seen promoting wellness through diet & exercise or captured bonding with her younger siblings. The Pride & Prejudice rising actress has been absent of scandal but a very present target of criticism.

The Savage x Fenty brand ambassador addressed some of the NAE-sayers during a workout break and Instagram live video over the weekend. “All I gotta say is, they hated on Jesus” Reginae continued saying “they hated on Jesus & he gave us life and they hated on that man. Once you look at the world like that you can’t get mad you know. Jesus the man that died on the cross for us.”

Source: Instagram

She went on to express her empathy for individuals who are bullied online before ending her session. “I just wanted to say one thing it’s a lot of people in this world who aren’t as strong as me and that goes through this daily and wants to hurt themselves. Or wants to do something because of the things people say about them. I thank God I’m not one of these people and I pray for these people because this world is very sad.

Can we get a amen?


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