OMG! Zonnique & Partner Bandhunta Izza Welcome Bouncing Baby

Source: Will Sterling/People-Twitter

If it feels like yesterday that Zonnique Pullins and her “OMG Girlz” were reviving colored hair trends this may make you feel a little retro. The beautiful young musician and her significant other Bandhunta Izza welcomed a daughter on Wednesday after releasing extravagant maternity photos via “People” just last week. The singer shared details of her pregnancy to the publication saying “Compared to stories I’ve heard growing up and how bad some people carry pregnancy, I have not one complaint about how it has been for me.” She also expressed joy about her new addition saying “I’m so anxious to meet my child, I’ve never felt so impatient for something to happen in my whole life, but I’m just extremely ready and happy for the next phase that’s coming my way very soon.” Well the wait is over and her famous mother Tiny (Tameka Cottle) and stepfather T.I. are officially grandparents. While congratulations are in order for the flourishing family are you wondering if the “Bratz Dolls” owe the (former) OMG Girlz a bag?

Source:/Kiddie Kreations-Shots By Alpha


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