Jacob Blake Gives First Interview Since Receiving 7 Police Bullets

Jacob Blake (29) sat down with Michael Strahan because he has little ability to stand after Kenosha police partially paralyzed him. Jacob Blake and his ex were uniting to celebrate their child’s 8th birthday when a dispute ensued with a neighbor. Blake said the altercation put a damper on his son’s party who tearfully asked him “daddy you sure it’s my birthday?” That query prompted him to leave to distract his son by “going back to the store.” Wanting to add joy to his child almost subtracted his life when police shot him seven times in the back. A miscommunication with his ex Laquesha Booker caused the police call. When officers arrived Blake didn’t realize they were their for him since he hadn’t committed a crime. He proceeded to Booker’s rental vehicle to secure his three children in their car restraints. Moments later he felt someone tugging his arm and flinched due to “human reaction.”

That moment made Blake realize he was the target. The next minute without verbal warning Blake says he was “slammed” against the car and tased. He responded by getting up to remove the “taser prongs” and pick up his dropped belongings which included a pocket knife. After garnering his things Blake tried to return to his “babies” in the vehicle. Blake said he walked away but in hindsight shouldn’t have picked up the knife due to the hostile climate. Still oblivious to his life being in danger since he was going in the opposite direction. Blake said he was not resisting arrest but the fate of being the “next George Floyd.” Trying to ensure the well being of his three kids almost turned fatal when a white police officer decided to shoot him seven times from behind.

Jacob Blake felt death was imminent. So he went on to give presumed final words to his children saying “Daddy love you no matter what.” Those children would later “facetime” their father in his hospital bed in awe that he was alive. Blake ended the interview thanking GOD for his life.

The families attorney, Ben Crump spoke about the smearing of Jacob Blake since the incident. Explaining how Black people have to be “perfect” to receive empathy.

Kenosha authorities identified the shooting officer as “Rusten Sheskey.” Who claimed Jacob Blake’s pocket knife had him in fear for his life. Sheskey said he thought he was going to be stabbed so he walked in closer to shoot him seven times. The officer’s attorney Brandan Matthews defended the publicly funded shooter saying he “acted according to his training.” His legal instruction has Jacob Blake heading into his 37th surgery as reported by “Good Morning America.”

Peaceful protestors taking to the street after Jacob Blakes shooting. Source: Instagram

Despite the international outcry Kenosha’s District Attorney, Michael Graveley decided not to charge the officer.


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