DreamMakers: Meek Mill & REFORM Alliance Partner To Bless 35 Families With Christmas Presents


Meek Mill is the co-founder of REFORM Alliance and the charity pitched in this year to help 35 families cover Christmas expenses. The organization is known for its generosity and has consistently reached beyond it’s already impactful target of changing laws that aid judicial injustice, with a concentration on nixing probation and parole terms.

The Dreamchaser label owner appeared virtually to encourage some of the children who were recipients of the distributed Christmas gifts saying “stay good in school.” Their father tearfully thanked the rapper and business man shortly after for “making sure” his sons were “straight for Christmas.”

Source: REFORM Alliance

“It’s been a tough year for all of us, but through all the ups and down, I’ll always do my best to support and give back to the Philly community that raised me. Meek Mill went on to say “I remember not having much growing up, so it’s important to use my platform to give back, especially to the families trying to provide for their kids while also dealing with the criminal justice system.”

Source: Twitter

In the midst of helping 35 households Meek Mill also found the time to ensure a $30,000 donation reached the “Philadelphia chapter of Twelve Days” which is a organization that works to “support families in the Philadelphia region.” In addition to recently releasing his Lids collaboration.


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