“The Bachelor” Returned & Made History

Source: Craig Sjodin-ABC/Getty Images

It took 24 seasons to make way for the first Black “Bachelor” Matt James. The looks on the contestants faces who are vying for his love say it was worth the wait. James is of biracial descent but identifies as Black. The real estate broker spoke to “Variety” about his experiences growing up with a white mother and black father saying his diverse background “taught” him “to look for qualities instead of a physical experience.”

Source: Instagram

He also went on to say “I identify as Black because I am. If you didn’t know me personally, you wouldn’t know that my mom is white. I don’t have a tag on my shirt or a sign on my head that’s saying like, “Oh, that’s a Black dude”[or] “yeah, that tall Black guy in my class.” It’s [not] like that, That biracial guy.” I don’t present as that. That doesn’t mean that’s not who I am, but I’m viewed and my experience has been as a Black man, and that’s what I am, regardless of my mom being white.” When asked to describe this season in one sentence he described it as “the most authentic season” ever. Will you be watching?


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