Two Houses: Asian Doll Purchases Second Property

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Asian Doll’s resilience is on full display as the young rapper has pushed forward despite present grief to release some of her best music yet. Her latest single “Nunnadet S**t” has already garnered over 700,000 streams on Spotify and has been added to more than 15,000 playlist.

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The “On My Way” rapper recently sat down with Tariji P. Henson’s Facebook show “Peace of Mind” to talk about the tragic loss of her significant other King Von. Von was a fellow rapper who was killed outside of a Atlanta nightclub in November. Asian Doll spoke about the way she’s felt since losing her “soulmate” while also revealing how she learned about the heartbreaking tragedy. “Actually when he passed away, when they said he was in critical condition, he had already passed away.” She explained that a hospital worker contacted her saying “Somebody from the hospital got in contact with me, one of the nurses daughters, and she was just crying on the phone. She was like, Asian I’m so sorry…my grandma works at the hospital, he passed away, they put an X on his bag. So once they said he was dead on social media I already knew.” Asian Doll tearfully said the news made her “whole world crash” and feel “broken.” She bravely went on to caution rappers to “wake up” in order to stop the “cycle” of “repeated” violence.

The late beloved rapper King Von pictured with Asian Doll.-Source: Instagram

Thankfully the young artist has been able to use her music therapeutically meanwhile sharing her grief to help others who’ve felt hopeless after facing similar tragedies.

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Choosing a healthy, financially savvy way to deal with the pain seems to be paying off for the young lyricist who announced she’s in the process of purchasing her second home on Friday.

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Are you wishing this young lady the best?

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