Biden Proposes New $1.9T “Rescue” Package

President- elect Joe Biden revealed details of his proposed “American Rescue Plan” that totals $1.9 trillion. The incoming commander in chief plans to allocate $400 billion to address the covid-19 pandemic. With $20 billion going to further the national vaccination program and $50 billion set to support expanded testing. This third stimulus package will also include another round of direct payments to Americans to the tune of $2,000 a piece. While unemployment recipients will receive $400 per week in addition to child tax credits being bolstered. Rental relief is also spoken for in this bill alongside childcare credits and sick pay.

No child is scheduled to be left behind with $130 billion being set aside for grade schools to safely reopen within 100 days. It also includes a suggestion to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour and ensures food stability by widening the SNAP food assistance program. The $1.9T plan is only half of his proposed two part “initiative.” Which means that more helped would be on the way if this passes Congress in February.

Notably infrastructure, manufacturing and clean energy provisions are also cited in the objective.


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