Day 3: Biden’s Set to Sign Duo Orders Which Aid Families Affected by Covid-19

Covid-19 has “hit hard” and the commander in chief is scheduled to strike back on Friday by signing two executive orders that help affected families. Biden is set to pen his John Hancock in support of expanding the federal food program benefits (SNAP) by 15% while increasing federal contract workers pay to $15 per hour. His support of federal workers is multi dimensional & also includes but isn’t limited to revoking Trumps rules that stripped vulnerable civil servants.

Biden is also requesting the Labor Department to clarify job workers rights to deny jobs that threaten their health during the pandemic. Saying “These actions are not a substitute for comprehensive legislative relief…but they will provide a critical lifeline to millions of American families” to reporters.

Vehicles lined up at a food giveaway in Utah during the global pandemic. Source: Rick Bowmer/AP

He has further plans to successfully transition a 1.9 trillion aid package through Congress in the coming months.

As soon as the fireworks stopped exploding on Inauguration day the President got swiftly to work to ensure Americans aren’t. He immediately signed actions that extend the federal eviction moratorium through March, and paused student loan repayments & interest until September according to NBC.


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