Raps Venture Capitalist Rick Ross Finds Family Fun at The Zoo (video)

Rick Ross is the biggest boss. The “Buy Back The Block” decorated rapper has continually put his money where dividends and shares are by amassing a strategic portfolio. The Florida native is beyond business savvy and has fiscally cemented himself in a variety of industries. Some of which include but aren’t limited by the restaurant industry (Checkers, Wingstop) real estate, authorship and his latest most inspiring venture Jetdoc which fills a niche in telemedicine by providing immediate, nominal health care at home.

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The New York Times Best selling author and executive producer detailed how JetDoc is the lemonade that was squeezed from his recent medical crisis.

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I’ve been healthy, an athlete, my entire life,” Ross told the outlet. “But me becoming an artist, me traveling, flying five times a week, up in the studio, up to 20 hours a day, it actually took a toll on me. I’ve made up my mind; I’ve lost 80-plus pounds. I’ve addressed and adjusted certain eating habits, of course, my sleeping habits, which was my largest fault” @Forbes.

He also shared how his personal health influenced the $1M stake in the digital diagnosing company while speaking with GMA.

That’s what’s really driving me,” he said. “The fact that I’ve had a seizure — And I’ve woke up from being unconscious on the toilet before. And I never even spoke on this before, but, I suffered from seizures for a long time.”

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JetDoc is currently available in the state of Florida with intentions to rapidly expand abroad.-Source: Jetdoc.com

But with all the investments that the self made mogul has diversified himself in. It’s evident that the most profound was his children.

His son William Roberts was recently offered a round of coveted scholarships. -Source: Instagram

The executive producer was spotted at the petting zoo with his eldest children getting up close & personal with some reptiles. While the snake couldn’t hold his son for long before he hilariously took off, it looks like his Father has and we love to see it!

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