T.I. Hits Back at Claims While His Wife Stays Focused on Their Family

T.I. (Clifford Harris) has chosen to speak out in defense of himself and his wife Tameka due to a former friend firing off sex abuse claims. The “Blessed” rapper took to Instagram to inform the accuser Sabrina Peterson that “no weapon” formed against his family will prosper while denouncing the putrid allegations. In a detailed post to his social media account the actor and entrepreneur expressed the necessity he felt to publicly speak out regarding the “egregious allegations” against his marriage.

Source: Instagram

“It’s been extremely difficult for me to remain quiet in light of all the things that have transpired, and all the egregious allegations being tossed around about me and my wife” he said. “But there’s a reason for that and I don’t mind sharing it. You see, if a person does not have any right to criminally or civilly have you in court…the best thing they can do is get you for defamation…Drag you in court, make you pay their legal bills.”

He went on to reaffirm his support for women who have been victims of abuse declaring “Women, Black women in particular, should be supported, protected, defended and uplifted. While cautioning against sinister agendas “However, evil has no gender…A threat comes in all shapes and sizes.”

The vocal activist also reinserted the general assumption of individuals bedrooms being private while rejecting the assertion of any felonious activities transpiring within.

“What we’re not gonna do is open the door to my bedroom…But I will say this: Whatever we ever have done, has been done with consensual adults who are into what we into and like what we like…We never forced nobody against their will, we ain’t never held nobody against their will, we never made nobody do anything…never raped nobody.”

He also questioned Peterson’s credibility asking “How are you going to be a victim and an attacker at the same time.”

His wife Tiny (Escape singer) hasn’t reacted to the currently unsubstantiated rumors but has seemingly chose to steady her focus on the couples children and has since posted their youngest daughter Heiress on her social media accounts.

Source: Instagram


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