Paris Police Officers On Leave After Brutally Beating Black Man

In an era where the killing of George Floyd painfully invoked a heightened awareness of the constant social injustices, systematic racism and police violence that Blacks worldwide face French President Emmanuel Macron has responded by trying to pass new legislation in France that would prohibit it’s citizens from filming it’s police. Even in a time where recent Paris video footage has exposed a Black man namely, Michel Zecler being brutally assaulted by police who used a “truncheon” (steel baton) and “tear gas” against the man unjustifiably Resulting in his current request for legal recourse. The proposed bill by Macron has activated protest organized by “civil liberties groups” and the local media. Both entities have valid concern that the drafted law would allow police violence to be undisciplined, dismissed and concealed. Is Paris being a “city of love” looking more like propaganda and less like reality when it comes to Black (French) people. Is visiting the Eiffel Tower scrapped for vacation?


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