Cardi B Sends Encouragement To Cancer Stricken Fan

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On Monday Cardi B made time to recognize one of her fans named Lyric after being becoming aware that the young girl is fighting brain cancer. The GRAMMY award winning rapper shared details regarding the fan who had undergone brain surgery four times due to the illness. The “Get Up 10” musician said “I’ve been flying and I’m checking some DM’s a couple people have already sent me this DM about this girl, a very strong girl named Lyric.” She’s from Houston and she has cancer and she has about four times brain surgery.” “I have a big smile on my face to see how funny you are, how pretty you are, how you put your outfits together, how you do your nails while you’re fighting cancer. It definitely motivates me to whatever I’m going through and I hope that people look at your page and get motivated.” The musician ended her message by saying “I’m totally in love with you guys and I’m gonna pray for your daughter and pray for your family.”


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