Lightning Moments: NFL Adds Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman To Super Bowl LV Lineup

Amanda Gorman’s gift of poetry has made room from her at Capitol Hill as the first Black National Youth Poet Laurete. Her reach seems to be further expanding as she has joined the ranks of best selling authors and has currently teamed up with the NFL for a Super Bowl LV benediction.

“Before the Honorary Captains are recognized on-field, Presidential Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman will recite an original poem about these three individuals in recognition of their tremendous impact during an unprecedented year. The recitation of the poem will air nationally on CBS and be featured in stadium” according to the NFL’s communication dept.

The NFL’s website also noted the changemakers bio saying “Amanda Gorman is the youngest Presidential Inaugural Poet in U.S. history. She is a committed advocate for the environment, racial equality and gender justice. Amanda’s activism and poetry have been featured on the Today Show, PBS Kids and CBS This Morning and in the New York. Times, Vogue, Essence and O magazine. In 2017 UrbanWord named her the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States. After graduating from Harvard University, she now lives in her hometown of Los Angeles. The special edition of her inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb will be published in Spring 2021.”

Are your palms slamming together?


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