NRA still silent on Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor.

Despite Kenneth Walker the significant other of Breonna Taylor having no criminal background and being legally license to carry a firearm the NRA has chosen to remain silent on the horrific slaying of Breonna Taylor. Mr. Walker has been racially maligned since losing his girlfriend. Empathy has been withheld from the gentlemen even after explaining to “CBS This Morning” how he was “deathly afraid” when police home invaded on the couple. An episode that resulted in Walker presuming he was exercising his Second Amendment rights and protecting their home by firing at an unannounced intruder whom happened to be law enforcement. A person in service to it’s local community who is (for some reason) trained to shoot deadly fire when encountering perceived civilian threats. A legal coercing and lethal teaching that ultimately caused Breonna Taylor to die by the person who is publicly funded to protect her, a police officer. Taylor’s death has been a non issue to the organization who’s decided not to speak up for the bereaved partner now facing legal action. Does the NRA’s mission to “protect and defend the constitution” apply to Black Americans and their rights? Are they a monopoly?

Breonna Taylor/ Kenneth Walker


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