Are Black Men Child Shamed?

Have you ever took the time to ponder why when black men expand their families their referred to as “baby daddies?” Why having children by more than one woman is associated with being ignorant, irresponsible or impoverished? How is it that a Caucasian man with three “baby mothers” can become a sitting U.S President without a stain, stigma or rebuke? Why is it when white middle class men have children by multiple women it is respectably referred to as “multi partner fertility” or (MPF)? Is there a reason or agenda behind most studies on multiple baby fathers usually focusing on lower income black women? Does the saying “slant the narrative slant the result” apply?
If a black father is financially stable and present to care for his children why doesn’t society champion them like they do other demographics. According to the 2017 U.S. Census Bureau “roughly one third of parents who’ve been married two or more times are inclusive of MPF.” Is the child shaming of black men and women related to the eugenics history in America courtesy of Planned Parenthoods founder Margaret Higgins Sanger infamously known for proclaiming “a free race can’t be born to slave mothers.” Does MPF shaming and anti black children propaganda contribute to the genocide of Black babies in America?

Source: Rachel Wright


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