Kodak Black out the pot still in systematic frying pan:(

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On Oct. 5 according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Kodak Black was transferred to Big Sandy after alleging via a lawsuit that the Oklahoma City facility he’d been held at was “torturous.” Do you think his choice to take legal action was the hearing aid to a system that plays deaf to incarcerated black people? Is Kodak Blacks song “Spar” which states “My life is hard enough, they not rewarding us, if I go to DC I’m trying to spar with Trump not a politician I can’t ignore this stuff” ringing eerily true? How about Dreezy’s cameo in the same song that says “Can’t say we represented when half the office white supremacist. This can’t be Land of the free, If kneeling might cost your position. I’m supposed to respect the system, They call our brothers sons of b**ches and when my Unc came home from prison for the same sh*t y’all tried to turn to a prison” sound as relevant to America’s legal system as ever? Are you praying things turn around for the young conscious rapper soon?


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