Vote or Nah?

Have you ever been met in family court by a racist judge or magistrate? Did they speak condescending to you despite facts, academia or economic status? Is your child’s school sitting two scores from being dilapidated while the state flourishes? Did its 2020 fiscal year end with a 2 billion dollars in the bank like Indiana while it’s blackest city Gary categorically suffered? Has structural racism convinced you that if a cities tax base is low that the State should legally be allowed to leave it’s most vulnerable behind?

Is it common sense to conclude that tax bases generally are lower in black and minority communities due to redlining and systematic racism as a whole? Should children be punished as a result thereof? Did you ask how the governor could allow such? Does arriving at the overstanding that America is symbolically a democracy but physically a republic yield enough to forsake the local elections that also appear on the ballots Nov. 3? Or have you decided that regardless of the Caucasian male that assumes office in January there are just simply people in your localities be it courtrooms, school districts or governing your state that simply have to go?

Source: Local Elections Matter Art Print Erin Shhh


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