Roblox Applies To Go Public (IPO)

This years prospect of intermittent quarantining has monetarily worked for a few companies with ROBLOX being one of the recipients.

The digital gaming company has been a hit with children during their newly homebound status due to the current pandemic, widely increasing it’s value. On Thursday ROBLOX initiated paperwork to go public by years end after it’s revenue rocketed by a whopping 91% or $242 million. In simple financial terms ROBLOX has filed to enter the stock market as a company and offer shares or pieces of it’s empire with the public for purchase. That means if your children play this game you can invest in this tech giant and likewise benefit from any possibility of further growth or the contrast. “ROBLOX’s platform” according to NBC consist of millions of games and interchanging characters that can be accessed across multiple mobile devices/ systems and a variety of consoles. Is your Robinhood ready?


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