Kodak Black Donates To Charity Behind Bars

After asking for prayers earlier this week it appears Kodak Black has decided to charitably push forward. Despite presently being behind bars the “Tunnel Vision” rapper has remained active on social media.

Which points to a solid support system due to him not being able to run them firsthand. Something that encourages his supporters who’ve worried about the artist following last years allegation of torture from his former prison. Thankfully the young man is taking his down days as an opportunity to bless others who may be struggling. Announcing on his Twitter page that he’d donated $50,000 to the Barstool Fund” which is a “Covid19 relief organization” that helps “small businesses” who are struggling do to the ongoing pandemic.

Kodak Black (real name Bill Kapri) is currently serving a 46 month federal prison sentence for lying on paperwork to legally obtain a gun for self defense. While Richard Barnett assisted in breaking into Capitol Hill (US federal property) and Nancy Pelosi’s office only to face a maximum of one year. Prosecutors accused Kapri of several crimes related to his weapons case but have yet to bring validity to them. Thus forth no further charges have been secured. Black solicited President Trump for a pardon late last year. In a letter that was designated to the “Office of the Pardon Attorney” Kodak’s lawyers said “The treatment coupled with the actual crime calls for true justice to intervene and say enough is enough. Individuals similarly situated received significantly less time. We are asking for what is fair.

Capitol Hill Invader Richard Barnett pictured with his boot on the Speaker of the House’s (Nancy Pelosi) desk in Washington DC. Currently facing a one year maximum prison sentence. Source: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty

Do you have your fingers crossed for him until the 20th?


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